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Electric Guitar Wanted.

I could go into how awesome and hectic my weekend is but that is going to have to wait as right not, I am after some serious buisness. Christmas presents. Importantly my brother's Christmas present.

My brother, when I asked him what he would like for Christmas informed me that he would like an Electric Guitar and a small amp. Something he can plug his headphones into. He's had an acoustic guitar for years and well, I guess it's natural he would want something to make some real noise with.

Now, I have looked on Ebay and I know Argos do little packages of a guitar and an amp but I thought about it and well, it's a recession, we are all trying to save a bit of money. Also, thinking about it, what is the possibilty of having a friend on here or somewhere online that has an electric guitar gathering dust in the back of a cubboard or in the corner of their bedroom looking good but has not been picked up in years thinking "someday I should sell that". I am thinking that that possiblity is high.

My point - does anyone have an electric guitar and possibly a small amp they would be willing to sell? I do have a budget but if by any chance you do, make an offer and we can take it from there. Ideally, I am looking for one that is stringed and actually works. Basically, it can be instantly pluged in and away he goes - instant rock star. Being tuned isn't an issue, he can do that and if they strings aren't all that great - not the end of the world, he can get it restringed at some point in the future.

This could be a good opportunity for someone out there to get rid of something that is cluttering up the place and make a bit of extra dosh for Christmas presents as well as helping me out as shopping can be stressful enough around this time of year and even though I am probably the most rockin motherfucker you know, I am no musician and don't know much about buying a guitar.

I hope I have covered all the bases here. Feel free to x-post this to your journals or to buying and selling communities if you think it will help. Please feel free to leave a comment if you got anything of interest.
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