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Apparently, I am an idiot.

I am typing this out cause I need this off my chest. I am SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW cause after a 12 hour day and then a relaxing pint with my manager, I made my way home to find the trains totally up the spout at London Bridge station. Not only had I missed the train I wanted by a minute, I had a half an hour wait. That turned into a 45 min wait due to the delayed trains.

When my train arrived, it arrived short though I was lucky enough to be standing exactly where the door was to stop. After the people got off, I got a seat next to a lady with a small bag in her lap and a box on the leg facing me. I knocked the box slightly and though she was handsfree on the phone, she gave me a dirty look. Noticing she was on the phone but not tolerating the dirty look the following exchange took place:

Me: *said aloud* "You could put the box on the rack"
Women: *stops her call* "It's fragile"
Me: "Ok, whatever"
Women: "You shouldn't be rude to me and if you have something to say, say it to me!!"
Me: "I wasn't being rude, if you put that bag on the rake and put the box...
Women: *interupts* "YOU WERE BEING RUDE"
Me: "Actually, I wasn't but...."
Women: "I'm chattin' to my mum yeah.......these crazy people on the train"
Me: "Now who is being rude?"
Women: "I'm on the phone.......idiot!"

At this point, she continued with her conversation and I looked to see that the train was beyond packed and people were screaming at people to move down where there was no room. There was no way I could move to another seat. This was not good cause I was shaking with anger....or cold, I am not sure but I was shaking!

I shut my mouth though. I took out my ipod, hit a song and sat for 10 min till my stop to think of a way I could piss this women off without causing a scene. Obviously, there were lots of thought about taking her stupid box and stomping on it or throwing it out the window or snatching her iphone out of her hand and then throwing it back at her really trying to ignore the violence that was going through my head that I could never ever put into actual action. I really was upset and angry. It really isn't nice to be stuck sitting next to a person that has insulted you for no reason.

When I got to my stop, I got up. I looked at her till she noticed and looked up at me. I half smiled at her and I shook my head slowly looking at her for about 10 seconds. I didn't see her say anything and if she did behind my back, I will never know cause I had my music on loud enough in my ears not to hear her but I just hope to the higher power out there that it pissed her off as much as I was.
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