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Erm, what has happened here?

Now, I don't know what has happened with my Night Nurse Show website!?

My friend Rowley and I have been working on the new website and had it directed to the night nurse show site so we could host everything off there as I still hold and pay for the hosting and I have storage there and everything. Now, I didn't renew the domain name and I have a bad feeling that it's been gotten to from under my nose. I mean, I can't access my FTP or the new website's Wordpress blog. I have contacted the domain host to find out what has happened and hopefully we can get it sorted out.

The weird thing is though what shows up when you type in the old Night Nurse Show website address. I have NO IDEA who has written it. Mind, surely it's fan (with an iphone from what I can see) that has written it cause they gave quite a good description of the show. I would love to know who did it .....

.....well, as I have been writing this dr_athiest has tweeted me and as done a whois search and I have some dude's details. Now, what do I do? Drop him and email and try to sort this out?

Anyway, as I said, I like what he wrote and just in case it does go down, I thought I would copy and paste it here for prosperity

A group of five hospital radio volunteers, bored with the routine of status quo embarked upon an experiment and the Night Nurse Show was born! Each week, from a hidden bunker in London, England this raucous group would record the unique blend of topical conversation, music and humor simply for the listener’s enjoyment. While the show no longer records the podcasts continue to be enjoyed as word catches on and the Night Nurse Show spans across the globe.

The four men and one woman who make up the podcasts of the Night Nurse show are not unlike you and I in their experiences, lives and insights that they share on the show. Perhaps this is what makes the show so appealing, the fact that anyone can relate to them. The lovable average looking John with his panache for getting up on his soap box to share his pearls of witticism and wisdom strikes the common chords of many men who love women; love to watch the exploits of animals in costumes doing silly tricks as well as the mind thriller films. Scott has his own appeal with men and women. Hailing from the United States but having lived in the UK for a number of years before the beginning of the Night Nurse Show, Scott was openly gay. He loves heavy metal, pizza and night life with his friends and is someone that has an appeal to many with his strange but enchanting dialect.

Stefan was the newcomer of the group and hailed from Strand on the Green. He is a fan of hip hop music as well as a fan of Phil Collins, or is that the other way around? You would have to ask him. The only woman on the team, Natasha ads her sassy flair and loveable cockney accent to the show. She has similar interest as many of us including curry, hot baths, and Irish whiskey! Finally, the show would not be complete without Steve with his unique views that were possibly influenced by his upbringing in South Africa.

Topics on the Night Nurse Show vary widely as do the euphemisms, music and general humor and insights. There is always something fun and something unexpected and the podcasts continue to entertain us all around the world via the internet.
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