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The Chronicles of a Transatlantic Male of Unconventual Sexuality

Yeah, cause like, I am the only one!!

TGA - MOFO's!!!!
15 December 1976
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tga = The Gay American - I am gay and I was born in America. This name created by diglett many years ago so she could tell the difference between me and an American guy she once went out with. With her refering to me as this online on her journal it seemed to make sense that when I thought it was a good idea to set one up, that I would use that name. It has stuck to such proportions that when people that know me from here see me on the street, they actually come up and say "OMG - You're The Gay American!!" as if I am the only one in the world. Though, I love my noteriety in these circles, one wonders if a name change is in order. Hmmm...not sure. After all, it's online, it's a bit of fun huh?

Anyway - me - yes - the subject I talk about here frequently. I moved London from Cleveland Ohio where I grew up in till I was 16. I have been in London a long time and at the moment, have no real intention to move back to America any time soon, well, I can say at while that reckneck that is President is President, there is no chance of me going back. Other valid reasons though also include that I am carer for my Brother, I have a good job in accounts, I do hospital radio volunteering and podcasting with some other volunteers from the station, and some of the best friends I have ever had in my entire life. I feel, having worked so hard at building a life in London, I haven't done too badly though I am still human and can make mistakes on the way. I like to think though, my heart is in the right place.

In this journal, various adventures, events, emotions, opinions and dramas about my life in London and online are documented. Mostly friends only though so add me and I might add you back.