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Steve's Gay Meme!

Gaynessness meme

Neat freak? - A little bit but mostly in the kitchen and living room. Bedroom can be a mess at times.

Gym bunny? - I go but not as much as I should.

Computer geek? - A bit but I could do with knowing more than i do.

Sci-fi geek? - A bit but not as much as some.

Comic book geek? - Never got into them.

Fabulous cook? - No, my menu is highly limited.

Showtunes? - Honestly, I never understood them. Don't really go to the theatre.

Midler? - I liked Beaches and The Rose is an awesome movie but that is about it.

Streisand? - I only know Women In love cause an old lesbian flatmate would get drunk and sing it very loudly. Not bad though - she could sing.

Cher? - Nah

Madonna? - I plead the 5th on this one!

Pull off drag in public? - No fucking way!

Pull off pants in public? - Maybe after two years in the gym and the six pack that has hidden away from me all my life decided to make an appearance.

Able to quote fabulous movies? - Does Heathers count?

Witty repartee? - Of course!

Fashion-forward? - No!! Seriously, call Gok Won and tell that fag I need some fucking help!!

Well-groomed? - Yes. Always keep the goatee trim and the head shaved every other day.

Perfect hair? -See above.

Good dancer? - I have been complimented so I suppose so.

Disco bunny? - When the mood takes me. Can be equally comfortable in XXL as I am in Vagabonds.

Bathhouse buddy? - I don't have one that I go to the saunas with - if I go, I'd rather go alone

Wine connoisseur? - Not at all. I like red wine. That's it.

Fine dining connoisseur? - Not at all. I look at fancy food on the telly and usually think to myself "Is that all there is????"

Green thumb? -Not really.

Judgmental queen? - show me one that isn't.

Buy Perfect gift for perfect occasion? - I do try if I have to.

Interior decorating? - Not really. Could do with some help in that department as well.

Protest queen? - Apart from the occasional pride march - not really.

Sew/knit? - Yeah right - never learned how.

Dated Leigh Chapman? - Who? Erm, no.
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